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Office rental

Burogest, it’s much more than simply renting offices: you automatically benefit from all our logistical services (parking, reception, toilets, kitchenette, etc.)

At the crossroads of the axes Brussels-Luxembourg and Liège-Mons, Burogest offers in its infrastructures of Loyers in Namur fully equipped offices.

These short or long-term office rentals are the ideal solution for young freelancers or new businesses.  This service is also ideal for a company under construction so as not to interrupt its services.

Indeed, our office rental system avoids you to face many logistical constraints (energy bills, long term leases, etc.)

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With Burogest renting an office is also taking advantage of all the additional services that you will not pay for:

  • Technical installations: telephone lines, internet connections, central copier, etc
  • Car park
  • Welcoming your visitors by our staff
  • Access to our restaurant La Rotonde
  • Access to common and sanitary spaces
  • Fully equipped kitchenette

Office rental in the year or by the hour: you choose!

With Burogest, stop putting the brakes on the installation of your company. Indeed, our shared office rentals allow rental by the hour: you occupy them only when you have appointments.  We can also rent our offices by month, year-round: everything is possible.

Formula FLEX OFFICE, office accessible from 8 am to 6:30 pm with Wi-Fi.

Our different types of office rentals

  1. Renting a private office: your private workspace 24 hours a day
    You rent a completely private office accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and personalized. This private workspace is therefore the ideal solution if you want to immediately benefit from a comfortable office in a high-quality complex, taking advantage of all our additional services à la carte.
  2. Rent a shared office: fraction of the cost rentals
    You want to occupy an office according to certain fixed hours (Example: one day or several half-days fixed during the week? Then renting a shared office is the solution.
    Your office is personalized during your occupations and you have private cabinets.
  3. Rental of a desk à la carte (rental by the hour)
    Would you like to have a location point for your occasional appointments? Enjoy our office rental on time or half day.

Shared office: the solution for start-ups and freelancers

Burogest offers a convenient and economical service that allows freelancers, salespeople or start-ups to rent workstations in a shared office. This flexible and time-honoured solution offers a pleasant, modern setting for work at an attractive price without long-term lease.

The Burogest Business Centre located in Loyers next to Namur is at the intersection of motorways connecting Brussels-Luxembourg (E411) and Liège-Mons (E42). A large free car park welcomes visitors while La Rotonde restaurant allows you to organize lunches and professional events.

Rent a Flex Office workstation: the advantages of the formula

This practical solution, which joins the wide range of services offered by Burogest, consists of the cohabitation of different companies within the same office here they have the following equipment:

  •  One or more modern and comfortable workstation(s) consisting of a table and a chair
  •  Unlimited access to the business complex from 8 am to 6:30 pm using an electronic badge system
  •  High speed Wi-Fi connection

The rental of worktables in flex offices is particularly suitable for start-ups starting on the market, VSEs, freelancers wanting an office outside their home, salespeople constantly on the roads that need a home base and employees whose company does not allow teleworking but cannot travel to the head office.

A short-term lease with multiple benefits

A minimum 3 month contract between Burogest and the customer payable monthly in advance. This short-term alternative solution brings many benefits:

  • No office rental fees. New companies and small start-ups avoid any risky commitment via a long-term lease and minimize expenses.  For salespeople who simply need a place to work a few hours a week.  This is a made-to-measure device. The self-employed, they have professional office space outside the family home.   
  • An attractive price. For start-ups and small companies, the expense of renting a flex office workstation compared to a traditional office is more than interesting.
  • A stimulating work environment. The cohabitation within the same office generates a degree of interactivity between the different companies which can lead to the construction of a professional network.
  • Unbeatable time flexibility. Free to work Monday through Friday, clients can imagine a cut-off schedule, half-time, or even a few hours here and there to take care of urgent or administrative tasks.
  • A recognized and easy-to-access business complex. Located at the crossroads of the E411 and E42 motorways, Burogest offers a contemporary and welcoming infrastructure that will put your visitors at ease and where you will have free parking.
  • A meeting room two hours a month. In order to organize a monthly meeting or to receive your important customers, we put at your disposal a meeting room for a duration of two hours every month according to availability.

Optional additional services at a preferential rate:

Burogest gives priority to customer satisfaction and develops complementary services for the rental of a flex office workstation at a reduced attractive price.

Our team offers a range of benefits and additional opportunities to contribute to the evolution of your business and provide you with a rigorous and comprehensive framework.

  • Domiciliation of the company within the complex for a simplified commercial mail arrival
  • Remote tele secretariat: development of a telephone hotline supported by a team of professional secretaries, but also an online appointment scheduling system and a calendar via an easy-to-use software

Request your personalized offer

Do you need a flex office workstation for your business? Contact us!

Do you have neither the budget nor the desire to take the risk of renting independent offices? In order to get a free quote for renting a workstation within a shared flex office or more information about this alternative solution, contact us! Our team will be happy to inform you.

Company/ virtual office domiciliation (company headquarters, administrative headquarters or parcel reception point)

Burogest can also host the domiciliation of your company. This may be the case:

  • In order to establish your official headquarters (indeed, in some cases, it is not allowed to establish the headquarters of your business in your home, for example if you are a tenant)
  • If you are always on the road, a drop off point for your mails and parcels will be necessary
  • To establish a branch of your company in the heart of Belgium
  • For reception and forwarding of your mails and parcels: they are subject to the follow-up that you have asked us (scanned, redirected, kept, etc.)
  • As part of occasional access to a desk for your à la carte appointments

You also benefit from low-cost access to our à la carte offices and meeting spaces.