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Support Services

Professional telephone and secretarial services: Burogest makes your life easier whenever you want, wherever you are.

Are you not always in your office? Are you at an appointment or is your office closed?  Do you have secretarial work to do, by an ad hoc or regular basis? Thanks to Burogest, no need to hire a secretary only when you need it! We take charge of your and ensure your telephone and remote telephone services.

At the same time, our secretarial team can carry out for you all the useful work (medical reports, real estate appraisals, written reports, mailings, etc.) upon request.

Finally, we can also host the domiciliation of your company (head office or suppliers, receiving your mail and parcels).

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Our various services in remote secretariat (tele-secretarial) and hotlines:

  1. Commercial secretary: Typing, customer recovery, assistance in your company.
    Burogest offers a state-of-the-art commercial secretarial service.  With immediate response time, we are at your company’s side externally or internally.  This formula is useful for responding to an influx of extra work, lack of staff, or an ad hoc request.  No need to embark on a long search for a secretary! Relaunch of customers according to your wishes, mailings, commercial actions, etc.: our professional secretaries take care of everything.

  2. Medical Secretariat:
    Internally or in your office, our support in medical secretarial. The qualified secretary can type your letters, manage the preparation of your practice, the classification, the reception of your patients, the technical assistance, etc.

  3. Accounting assistance : Invoicing, payment tracking, accounting encoding, dashboards, salary management, administrative management, ...

  4. Communication support : Social networks, website creation, logo, all paper media (business cards, brochures, flyers, catalogs, ...), PowerPoint presentation, small videos, ...

  5. Encoding of databases (list of contacts, petitions, surveys, preparation of mailing): services at 29 € / hour. Deadline for completion to be agreed upon. 

LOGICIEL ONLINE : le BuroMobminder

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The availability of our team of secretaries makes Burogest one of the leaders in quality remote tele secretariat.

The principle is simple.  For a specific period or permanently, our call centre takes all your calls according to your instructions and requirements. 

The service is provided Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 7 pm without annual closure.

Our BuroMobminder software is flexible and autonomous. It is accessible online on your computer, tablet, Ipad, Iphone.

An automatic SMS reminder of an appointment to the client is included.

You can also access the 24 hour online service for appointments by your clients.